Hi All and a Big Hug

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Been a while and so glad I'm able to get back to this site . I've been having computer issues and think I found the problem, but soon need to get new computer. For those of you who know me, we had a great time on the cruise and will cherish the memory always. Bob, my husband, is doing very well but will have some "minor" surgery, compared to the other surgeries he's had on Monday. His port tubing broke and is lodged someplace. They will remove the tubing and the port itself. For any newbies I missed while I was away, welcome and you will find much support on this site from a great group of people. I won't bore you with our story, but please feel free to read our personal web page, Keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers



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    The cruise sounds good. Glad y'all had a good time.