my story as a caregiver please read

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This starts out with my grandma. We did not speak for nearly ten years. On New Years eve 06 i found out through my brother, that my grandmother had terminal lung cancer with 1 to 3 months to live. Two days later i was on my way from Florida to Kansas to pick her up so we could care for her in her final few months to live,cause she was not getting 24 hour care from her family up north. She was unable to use her left side of her body, because of tumors in her head. Luckily other than that she was pain free. she was pretty healthy other than the cancer witch was all over her,head stomach, lungs. hospice took over as soon as we got back to florida they were amazing.sadly she passed away on March 15th 2007.She is dearly missed. We took her back home and gave her an authentic Native American burial, this was the only thing she asked for.

Fast foward to October 2007 my mom who is 48 is diagnosed with stage 4 nscl cancer and given 6 months to live. however she is in pain all the time . Chemo made her really sick all the time. The doctor just took her off 4th line chemo and radiation on May 19th . Nothing is working shes getting worse everyday. they said there is nothing else they can do and we probably need to call hospice, the doctor estimated she had around 3 more weeks to live. This is the worst experience of my life,one i wish nobody has to go through. We are now left with about 2 more weeks with her and im just trying to be stong for her, so she doent worry.

I can only hope time heals all wounds because this one is deep. So much can happen in very little time. everyone needs to cherrish the time wehave with the ones we love,, just like that everything you know is gone . Thanks to everone who took time out of there day to read this


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    Anthony I'm sorry to hear about your story. I can imagine the difficult time your are having. I will put in my prayers to your grandma and your mom. Do you know the cause of the cancer in your mom?
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    Try not to concentrate on how much time they say you have left and enjoy each day you can. I know there is nothing enjoyable watching someone you love suffer but she is still here. My John passed away last month and he really suffered for the last couple of weeks. The sick part is I would take him back like that just to be able to talk to him. Not that I want him to suffer. I just want him back...Debbie