Mouth Sores 2 times Help

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My wife has had mouth sore the last 2 chemo treatments. she's been on chemo since July with no mouth sores till April 15 treatment. Onc. gives hydromorphine for pain and 14 days of valtrex. This second bout was real bad. It occured evenn though they stoped the leucovorin. I need suggestions for the sores and any other help.


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    My husband too had the mouth sores. I don't think they started till after his 4th or 5th treatment. I called the onc on a Saturday because he was in so much pain. He has both Gelclear and Nystatin. Both are an oral rinse and seem to give him some comfort. Good luck!
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    I was given a prescription called "magic mouthwash" by my Oncologist. It has benadryl and something else in it. It basically soothes and numbnes your mouth and throat.
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    My mom struggled with mouth sores too - at times it sounded horrible. Her onc told her it was from the 5-FU. Things that helped my mom...
    - Have them go slow with the infusions - it seemed the slower the better.
    - If your wife is NOT on Oxaliplatin, have her chew on some ice chips during her infusions. If I remember it has something to do with blood flow to the mouth.
    - The mouthwashes and rinses helped my mom too. Have her onc suggest something - perhaps a presciption with lidocain in it.

    I hope this helps....let us know how your wife is as she continues her treatments. I know it's hard for both the patient and the caregiver, but you both will get through this - keep the faith and love alive. It's worth it!

    Wishing and praying for the best for both of you...
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    When I was getting chemo my hematology oncologist gave me a recipe/prescription that I had to take to a compounding pharmacist to make a rinse that really helped. You should ask yours if he can do that for you. It worked pretty well. Good luck.
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    Just a thought; I had what I thought were mouth sores: painful cracks in the corners of my mouth that bled. The "magic mouthwash" helped with the sores in my mouth, but not the cracking. A dermatologist friend accurately diagnosed them as a fungus infection, and they cleared with application of an anti-fungal mouth cream. I also understand that staying really well hydrated before, during and after each treatment helps.
    best of luck, Judy
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    My oncology nurse told me this week for mouth sores make a mouth rinse of equal parts hydrogen peroxide and saline. Swish and spit DO NOT SWALLOW. Can do this as often as you want. Haven't actually tried it yet though.
    Good luck, let us know what works.