Anyone taking Fluconazole

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I had a double mastectomy on Dec. 5 2007, my plastic surgery put in expanders, the right expander flipped so he had to stop filling the expanders. On May 8, 2008 I had the expanders taken out and implants put in, during the operation the doctor found cloudy fluid and set it to be cultured and found it to be a fungus. My plastic surgeron set me to see a Infectious Disease doctor who put me on Fluconazole 200mg twice a day. I was fine the over the weekend I started to feel nasusa and dizzy. I been vomiting but not a lot, I called the doctor but he said it was not the medicine. I am suppose to be on this medicine for 2 months. Has anybody else been on this medicine? Please Help I am really confused and fell a little helpless.


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    Hi, can't say I've been on this med but call the pharmacist and ask if this can cause you to have nausea and dizziness. My son was on something similar but in ointment form for a fungus on his leg. I hope you feel better soon. Hugs, Lili
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    Seems to me, if the doc. says it is not from the medicine, the next question should be, well then - what IS it from? Keep bugging your doctors till you get someone to address your problem. Not only should you not have to throw up, you shouldn't have to feel helpless either. You might also try calling the pharmacist who dispensed your meds also for side effect info. And definitely keep asking till you get answers. Take care, love Joyce