Pain in lower left hip

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I know I am probably just over sensitive but I have a pain in my left buttocks - it feels like a bruise but there is no sign of bruising. it doesn't hurt sitting or lying but I can feel it walking. I am pretty active - coaching and teaching but am concerned. Stage 4 with liver resection and lung resection already done. Now I worry about bone met. Any thoughts and thanks to all? My next CT scan is in July. The last one was clean and low CEA (less than 1).


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    I had a pain in my right hip. Had a scan, etc. Nothing found. With rest, it went away. My doctor offered that maybe it was a result of the radiation weakening bones/muscles a bit, and I just needed to take it easy....

    I would think if it were mets, it would be a constant pain...

    Call your doc...I did, and felt much, much better..

    Hugs, Kathi

    (Isn't it interesting that non-cancer touched people wouldn't even think twice about something like this?)
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    I really agree with Kathi - it is probably nothing, but peace of mind, is worth a fortune. Call you doctor, they don't think these questions are odd.