glioblastoma multiforme IV

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4 months ago a family member was diagnoses with GBM IV.Surgery is not an option for it is located across both frontal lobes.Radation concurrent with temador has since been completed.They can no longer work, drive, shower, dress, is often confused and fustrateds, and has basically sits around and is off in their own world most of the day.We are now faced with starting temador for 5 days on 23 days off.With the prognosis of this type of cancer and the fact their is no quality of life involved is there anyone else out there that has gone through this and can advised on continuing temador.Prolonging life is the issue it is something they do not want done in anyway. Does one return to "bring productive" if treatment continues.We are thinking to abide by their wishes radiation and one round of temador has proved in effective to stop at this point because the steriods alone decadron has proven to be an added risk.Anyone who has dealt with GBM IV please help.


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    I'm so sorry!!,

    My mom passed away June 7, 2007 from GBM IV..
    her Dr's kept her on some form of chemo the whole time. They explained it to me like this.

    If they can keep the tumors from growing and taking more of her function before she passes then maybe her suffering would be minimal...

    this is a horrible disease. I know what your going through. Hang in there.
    You can also read my mom's story by clicking on my name here.
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    Dear missblueeyes, i sure do know what you are going through my brother is 43 years old . they said he had a massive bleed(stroke) on fathers day 2007 they gave up on him but with the grace of god he pulled through, but he is paralized on the right ,well he went to rehab and a few months later he started having seizures and they did a mri and found a tumor they did surgery and they said he has GBMIV they said it was the tumor that caused the bleed,that was in nov2007 well he took rad&chemo for 6 weeks and now he is on 5 days a month of temadar well they said he had 3/6 months without treatment and up to a year with well im happy to report he was just at the doctors and they said the tumor has shrunk then in the same breath he said at some point we need to decide when to stop the treatment,whats that about. he is doing fine and getting stronger. im so confused he wants to fight this and i feel he should be able to as long as he wants. he to was on steriods and he had to be tooken off from the side effects, i guess what im saying is it is his/her choice to Quality of their life and whats best for them .I will pray for your family member and you as well this is not going to get any easier if you want more info on my brother go to Gary43 web page GOD BLESS