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I want to know if anyone has ever experienced a sensation of warmth in their breast and what it turned out to be? In February I had a mastectomy after being diagnosed with invasive intraductal cancer. The tumor was only 1.1. cm and did not spread to the nodes. I had immediate lat flap reconstruction which was done in a 1 step procedure. I am currently undergoing 4 rounds of Taxotere/Cytoxan chemo because of my intermediate Oncotype score and will have the 3rd round next week. I am supposed to see my doctor next Friday and will tell him about the sensation, but am a little worried because I heard that warmth could be a sign of inflammatory breast cancer. Has anyone else experienced this? The warmth is on the side where I had the mastectomy. It is not painful or burning, just warm. Ohilly


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    Hi Ohilly:
    I had the tram flap on the right side in Feb, and I still get a warm sensation every now and then. My surgeon said it was normal, since you have blood supply going to that area. Ask your surgeon when you see him next week. But I, don't think you have anything to worry about. Keep us posted. Love, Lili
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    I had a bilateral mastectomy in Dec/7. will have reconstruction in about a year after radiation and herceptin treatments are done. I had various odd sensations: warm, cool, tingly, occasional pinpricks at first. Still have a few now and then. My surgeon said it takes a while for the nerves to adjust and for the brain to process the new alignment. Your body has to get used to the loss of tissue. I suppose after reconstruction it will have to get used to "feeling" the new tissue in the new location...though I am not there yet. I definitely say talk to your Dr. to rule out a problem, but It may be nothing to worry about.

    Best wishes, seof
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    I have a friend in Ohio who, when talking about her breast cancer of 9 years ago told me she felt heat. That was her first signal.. Male docs poo-pooed it. She did not have inflammatory.