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Greetings. I have just have learned about existence of new lesions in my bones and lungs and possibly in liver on the bone and CT scans. I will be starting chemo treatment with Gemzar and I would like to ask if:
-anyone have used any alternative/naturopathic treatments along with conventional chemo or hormonal therapy which helped them to keep the cancer in remission, and if yes how long did the remission last
- Also have anyone heard about a clinic in Palm Desert, CA called "Synergy Wellness Clinic" founded and directed by Dr. Steven E. Nelson
I appreciate your responses and any advise.
A 39 year old BRCA survivor of 7.5 years who wants to be next to his 5 year old son and dear husband for many years to come.


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    Hello linnette
    I'm 39 now and 2 yrs ago i too found out about mets to bone and lung after almost 5 yrs in remission. The Onc. used abraxane at first and when it didn't respond like they hoped they added avastin which was still investigational at the time. The CA then responded and began to lessen. They also used zometa to help keep bones strong as i had already suffered a few broken bones when the CA returned. I went through radiation therapy to help shrink tumor in lumbar spine as it was pressing on nerves and i had severe pain. 8 mos later i was in remission again which lasted 6 mos. Last June i was told CA active again but they are keeping it controlled with arimidex again and i just went through rad. therapy to thorasic spine for weakness in legs. I may have to have it again to L spine.

    I have three children which 2 have grown and left home. Both turned 18 and 19 last year. My youngest is 13 and still with me. I want to be here for her at least until she gets out of high school. I have an 8 mos. old grandson now too.

    I heard about eating fresh red colored fruits and vegetables was a good way of keeping CA at bay. A friend gave me a book by Dee Simmons titled Surviving Cancer. It has 7 life changing steps. It is easy to read and offers her own experience battling BRCA through hope and diet and other things.
    I went to book store and found all kinds of books about this. I never checked the library but i'm sure they do too.

    I wish you well and stay in touch and let us know how you're doing.

    Love and hugs
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    I am sorry, I have no experience with this, and I have not heard of the clinic you mentioned. I would say that you have taken a good step in coming to this site to investigate it. I would say check with your Dr. and Hospital, but they may be biased against the alternative treatments. I think it is a good idea to do both, as long as the nontraditional treatment will complement, rather than interfere with the other. I also think you have to be very careful with the alternatives because there is not as much research or regulation for them, so it is easy for a "quack" to claim he can cure you and turn you into Superman, when all he is doing is selling you applejuice and water.

    I hope you find your answers. seof