Breast prosthesis (PLZ HELP)!!!

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Does anyone know if the ACS donates breast prothesis and mastectomy bras to women that can't afford to pay the price of the in-store ones. I need to be fitted because i go crazy with trying to stuff various objects in my bra in order to feel complete. Please help!!!!


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    Find the ACS organization or chapter nearest you and contact them. I was offered one free bra per year and one 'set' of prostheses, but did not need to accept them. I left them for someone else who could not afford to purchase their own. Maybe YOU will get them. HOPE SO!
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    Call you local ACS, ours here does donate to women who can't afford it. I was fortunate that my insurance covered my prosthesis and bras 100% if I was fitted for them at Nordstrom. Good luck.