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JUST BEEN REFFERED TO AN ORTHOPAEDIC ONCOLOGIST ABOUT "SOFT TISSUE MASS" FOUND ABOVE LEFT ANKLE ON SHIN. MRI Dr. read it to be "most likely" benign. But he referred me to a ortho-surgeon for removal. Only to have this specialist send me to ANOTHER speacialist...ORTHOPAEDIC ONCOLOGIST> Does this mean he saw some cancer on my MRI??? Please respond ASAP! Im freaking out, I just lost my Mom in Oct 07 from breast cancer!!! I was her care giver, Im so scared.


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    I just read your message and want to let you know that if your doctor's haven't given you any information you definitely need to ask some pertinent questions. After all it's your leg! I totally understand your fears, because I too had a fibrosarcoma behind my left knee that was cancerous. They will no doubt have to do some MRI's or possibly a biopsy, or both. An orthepedic oncologist is the best place to be. I can understand your being so scared after losing your mother so recently to cancer...again, this happened to me also. My mother had breast cancer also, but what I had was no relation whatsoever to hers. That does not mean it's going to happen to you
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    I'm back. I hit a wrong key and it sent before I had finished...sorry. I would suggest you talk to your family and close friends and do some talking to the Lord and wait for the results. In the meantime keep busy and do some research on the internet...this website has a good resource library and be prepared to talk to your doctors and go "armed" with lots things to discuss. Don't just worry, that can drive you nuts!
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    What happended? What did the doctor say? Don't throw in the towel when you don't know what is wrong?
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    i would also say ask as many
    i would also say ask as many questions as possible to every dr you see. i was diagnosed with cancer and not even called with the results until i went for a checkup 2 months later and asked about it. i am a nurse and should have known better but i always tell my patients if they are capable to be to be their own advocate or have someone that is capable for them. drs are human and make mistakes and sometimes they dont realize they are not including the patients in their own treatment!!!
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    Soft tissue mass
    Please find people to talk to for support! And as others have said be driven to get answers. Sometimes it requires face to face appointments with the doctors and asking many questions. Sometimes the masses are hard to define and require more scans (CAT and PET). I had a soft tissue mass just above my left knee. I had MRIs that were misread until put into the hands of the right doctor. Don't stop fighting until you get the answers you are looking for. God Bless.
    Keep us posted.
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    There could be several
    There could be several reasons why they would refer you to someone else. If that Dr. didn't feel like he was skilled enough to know how to treat you or to send you to a larger facility w/more up to date equipment. Don't mess around w/it though. You have to take charge of your own treatment!