Colon cancer spread to Liver!

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I had colon Cancer back in Nov. 2006. Had to have
surgery, and they had to remove 10" of my colon.
I had 12 chemo treatments. I was getting along
fine until I started seeing blood in my stools.
My Cancer Dr. ran every test she could, and the
tumors showed up on the liver. She was honest
with me, and told me that it was very serious.
I would have to have surgery. I saw a Liver
Surgeon in Charlotte, N.C. last friday. The cancer in my right lobe has matestersised. He
wants to remove my right lobe. He wants to do
1 more test. He wants to do a Pet test, to see
if the cancer has spread to anywhere else in my
body. If it has, and it is bad, there is no use
to do Liver Surgery. I only option left is chemo.
I will try to stay positive, and I have a great
support group.


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    It happened to me, gerald. I had head/neck cancer back in 2005. A lot has happened since, but suffice it that they found a spot in my lung last year and decided to biopsy it. Like with you, they told me that if it indicated a spread, they would do nothing more than give me chemo, a palliative thing that would give me a few more years perhaps.

    They ended up taking out the lowest lobe of my right lung, without knowing if it was metastis or a new one. I had to hope that it was new.

    I am sure you are aware that you do not have to have that right lobe of your liver in order to function normally, and that, in fact, the liver is the single organ that will regenerate, given time. My lung will never grow a new lower right lobe, but if you get the surgery on your liver, and let's hope you do, frankly, there is the chance that it will grow back. Even if it does not, you will be better off.

    You don't ask a question, but my hope is that they find a very good reason to remove that right liver lobe, and that you take that opportunity.

    Please let us know what you and your team discover. My thoughts are with you.

    Take care.