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Hi ladies,
My last ca-125 went back down into the normal zone(the flu made it jump up 50 pts.)So my Onc said I will finish the last 3 treatments in my 6th cycle...and then I'm done!!!!!! I'll finish all this on May 30th!!! Then I will get a 8 week vacation off all tests,Dr. visits and chemo's...8 weeks OFF!!!!! I'm so excited. My son and grand daughter are coming for a visit to see me at the end of the month,I moved here 3 years ago and they have never been able to get enough time off to see me (I've been there to see them)...I will be having my last chemo the day they come..and no matter how bad I feel.I'm gonna PARTY..and celebrate life....cartwheels...again!!! (((hugz)))~~~JOanne


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    YESSSSSSS! Way to go! Celebrate big time and enjoy the time with your son and granddaughter AND your 2 month sabbatical!
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    That's awesome news Joanne!!!! It just goes to show how those numbers can go up for all sorts of reasons. I hope you have a wonderful summer with your family and for many more good reports like this to come your way!

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    WHOOOPEEE!!!!! I am so glad to hear your good news. You are going to have a wonderful summer. Enjoy the visit to the MAX.
    (((Hugs and Answered Prayers))) Saundra
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    Joanne - I opened up this site and saw your caption and just started to smile. Great news for you!!! I am so happy to hear that. You are such an inspiration to everyone on this site - and you deserve nothing less than 8 weeks off from the poking and prodding and meds. Enjoy it to the fullest and I (we) will be waiting to hear all the wonderful details of what you are doing with your new spare time. Take good care!

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    Congratulations!!!! What wonderful news! Please enjoy your sabbatical - you deserve it!
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    Hi Joanne,
    Great news!! Enjoy your family visit and your summer!! Are you finishing up the topo on the 30th? What a relief!! Blessings to you and yours,
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    Thanks to all of your prayers and good thoughts is the reason I'm able to have this 8weeks off..I can't wait for may 30th.....I do want to thank all of you for all you have done for me..(((hugz)))~~~Joanne
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    That is fantastic news! Praise God!
    Have a ball with your family!!!
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    CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR WONDERFUL NEWS! It's GREAT to have company to come at just the right time to help you CELEBRATE. I hope and pray for continued GREAT NEWS in the future. Do some VERY SPECIAL THINGS FOR YOURSELF DURING THIS TIME.

    GOD BLESS YOU GIRL. Sharon :)