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Hi, I'm new to the site, but have learned a lot from reading all your postings. I am almost 6 weeks post mastectomy and am wondering when I can go get measured for my prosthesis. The camisole I have is great, but my remaining "girl" would be more comfortable with a bit of support. I don't have any pain, just some sensitivity to the area intermittently. What exeriences have you all had? Also, my doc says it's O.K. to apply some lotion to the incision now. Anybody know a good one---other than puncturing a greasy vit. E capsule?
Thanks in advance.


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    I was fitted three weeks out and the prosthesis doesn't fit right because there was still some swelling. You may talk to the shop that does the fitting. If you aren't having pain and the swelling is down you should be able to get a good fit. I hope this helps.
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    I am planning to do reconstruction and have not looked into prosthetics very much, so I don't know about when the fitting for prosthetics should be, I would say ask your Doctor, or the facility you are going to for fitting. You may already know about it, but the American Cancer Society has a magazine called "TLC" that has some you can order (also many other useful products). As far as the lotion goes, some that Dr. and patients suggest for those of us going through radiation are Aquaphor (like vaseline) or almost any aloe based lotion that has no alchohol (dries out the skin and irritates it) or fragrance (irritates the skin). After my mastectomy the surgeon said use whatever felt good. I have a generic brand of Lubriderm-like lotion that I use. It works well so far.

    Hope this helps, seof
  • My prosthetic was about $350 and paid for by insurance. I got it a few weeks after. Kaiser hooked me up with a shop they use, but if you don't have any leads, Nordstroms has a full line. Check with your insurance as to how to bill. BTW, there is a prosthetic that sticks onto your skin. Kinda cool, but if you are anticipating rads, you will have to not use that one during treatment, I would think. While at Nordstroms, you can also get a little pillow prosthetic for cheap, $29.00 or so. These are nice during rads (and weekends at home) because they breathe more and are lighter weight. I like Gold Bond Aloe Vera Lotion with vitamins added for my skin. But do not use this during rads as you need to use pure Aloe. Hope you found some of this useful. And I especially hope you are having an easy time of this difficult time! Write anytime you have a question, a need, a concern, or...anytime.
    love, Joyce
  • Hi Janet.
    I had 2 radical mastectomies, one in 1986 and one in 1988. Ok, so I'm an expert, right? NOT.
    BUT, I have found certain things to be true along the way which I will be glad to share with you. Please don't pay pots of money for a prosthesis or special bra for a LONG TIME. Things in your whole body, and especially in the chest area will be changing for months to come. And your 'psyche' will change as well. By that I mean that I thought I HAD to replace my missing breast (especially the first time) ASAP. Turned out the first 2 expensive prostheses I bought were soon no longer 'right'. For one thing I gained weight after chemo and rads (not to say that everyone does), and the first one was soon too small. So I got a bigger one and then had to have second breast removed (not to say that everyone will) and so the second prosthesis was no longer a 'match'.
    I am just saying, don't rush into anything. Wear cheap foam ones for awhile (maybe a year) and try 'em bigger and smaller and different shapes and with different bras until you have a look and feel that you are sure you want to stay with....then go shopping for the PERMANENT ones.
    Well, anyhow, that's my slant on things.
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    Thanks all! All the info helps. I guess I'm just antsy to get going---not to mention it's hot (high 90's) and the camisole with the soft prothesis is getting hot. Thanks for the info on the lotions. Knew about the fragrance thing, but never even thought about the alcohol!
    My biggest nusance is when I wear the seat belt and it pushes the soft one up and gravity keeps the other one down---I feel like I get out of the car with one under my chin (when I just stuff it into a sports bra), and the other one on the way down to my knee (owing to the facts of age, and size).
    Thanks again, always helps to hear from everyone who has been there.
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    My center told me after the incision was healed to start massaging (gently thank you) Palmer's Shea Butter Formula. It has vitamin E in it. It is inexpensive. It smells and feels great and absorbs fast. You find it in the African American hair dressing area of Walmart or other large stores. It is almost pure shea butter and much better than the more expensive mixes from Avon or other companies. It is a little greasy for a few minutes after you apply it, so I always used it right before bed. As for the bra, I've heard that a sport bra works pretty good with a bit of stuffing on the surgery side till you are ready for a prosthetic bra. I think I was fitted about two months after final surgery. I also lost fifteen pounds after that and needed a different bra six months down the road. I've kept the larger prosthesis, but so far the smaller one still fits. That is fortunate, because bigger is heavier. (plus I threw out all the big clothes!!!)