its been a while

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I know...its been a while. For the newbies I am stage IV DX inJan 04.....Been on remission twice.Currently on chemo because tumors of lungs and lymph nodes.....My CEA has been rising , so we are haveing a ct this coming Friday... I believe in prayers, so please keep me in your thoughts....
Limey..just read your post...remember that we are in this together.....lets keep fighting...
Shmurciakova...did your cancer ever came back and then you went on remission???
2bhealed....I like what you posted about a month ago ( just read it) We need the oldies 2 sheer us up...This site is to give hope, and most of the ones that stop writing are the stage IV that where doing good....
God bless you all....tomorrow might be the day....


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    Prayers are good and believe me they work, so I will say one for you now............Amen.

    Keep us posted on the CT results.
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    Consider prayers sent. I wish the best for you!

    Please keep us posted.

    Hugs, Kathi
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    Lots of prayers coming your way!

    *hugs* Gail
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    Praying, praying, praying. I believe all those people praying for me and all the good energy that came my way went a long way toward NED. Hugs.
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    I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. I was diagnosed Oct. 12th 2005 Stage 4 with liver mets.. May 17th 2006 I had liver resection and have been NED until recently.. I am going to see oncologist tomorrow to review my options about lung mets..I had a biopsy of the nodule in my right lung on May 5th so the fight will continue. Please let us know your scan results..Hugs, Audrey
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    hi alta,

    oh dear....what did I say this time? haha....most likely get out your juicers and get those enzymes in your system!

    Have you heard of Kris Carr? She has found a very successful cancer fighting protocol for her "incureable" cancer. Her book is Crazy Sexy Cancer and I highly recommend it!

    She has a website too:
    Check it out.

    It's now Saturday when I am writing this so I wonder how your CT went......

    peace, emily