Contrast or No Contrast

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I am allergic to the IV Contrast that give you for CT Scans and had to be pre-medicated with Predinsone. It is called the 13-Hour prep. 45mg 12 hours before appt, 7 hours, 1 hour and then 2 Bendadryl 25mg 1 hour before. I would still break out with 1 hive on my right check of my face each time.

So when I went for my 6 month CT Scan yesterday, the radiologist working that day did not want to give the contrast due to the fact that you can still get an adverse affect even though you are pre-medicated and he stated he would not do the procedure on his own family member, so I requested he call my Onc. Doc to get approval. He did and received approval.

My only concern is that the contrast lights-up everything, but the radiologist stated that the contrast does help, but is not really necessary, which I find hard to believe.

I will speak with my Onc. Doc in more detail at my next appointment which is Tues, 20 May.

Any thoughts?


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    I don't have any useful information or thoughts but would very interested in what your doctor has to say about the contrast dye.
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    I am also allergic to the IV contrast dye and was premedicated before a scan of my digestive system. However, I did have a lung scan with no prednisone. There was no problem reading the scan.