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hi i have a colostomy bag,and around my stoma where the bag sticks to my skin is very irrateted,it has like blisters and hurts often,i dont want it to get infected as much as it already is,but is it normal for it to be this way?please some one answer thank you


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    No, this is not normal. Do you an ostomy nurse that you can visit? They have many ways to help you. There is a powder that can help also. If you call one of the suppliers of ostomy supplies the nurse can help you over the phone. But if you skin is that irritated, an ostomy nurse that can look at your skin will be the most helpful.

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    When I had my temp stoma, my surgeon recommended Zinc Ox(sp?)something that came in a white and red tube from Wal-Mart. This is purchased over the counter. It is a white cream I would put around the skin.

    What also helped, was my husband would cut out a small ring (hole) from the stoma flange so it would not hit right up against the stoma, but my skin under the flange, I would always lotion.

    I also purchased cleasing wipes which helped remove the extra adhesive when replacing the flange and then the prep wipes which made the flange stick.

    I hope this helps.
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    please take a look at this:

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    I have a similar problem with my ileostomy. It gets very red, bumpy and irritated where the adhesive is on my skin. When i change my bag, i clean it very well with a wet washcloth, and then put some barrier film all around the stoma, and where the adhesive goes. I think this helps a little. I still have very bad itching, but not usually too bad until it's almost time to change the bag. The barrier film is made by 3M item number NDC 8333-3345-01. It will also protect your skin from body fluids.

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