Birth Control During Treatment

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I am 34 years old and recently diagnosed with BC. I have had surgery and, luckily, will not have to do chemotherapy. I do, however, have to do hormone therapy (Tamoxifen) for 5 years. I will also begin radiation next week. My onco tells me that I should not get pregnant while on this medication. This brings up several issues for me since I have no children at this time. But, the more pressing issue at this moment is that he can offer no good form of birth control while I am in treatment. I tried an IUD, but since I have not had children my cervix would not open enough to insert it. The gyno says he can surgically insert it. OUCH! The onco said there were injections I could get that would put me into menopause while taking them. But there's no guarantee it will come back and I will have to deal with the symptoms while taking the injections. Has anyone else had this problem? What should I do? Condoms are only about 70% effective. Adding spermicide only gives you about another 15%. That's not a real high number. This whole thing has been very overwhelming.


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    Have you asked about a diaphragm? In case you do not know, a diaphragm is a flexible plastic/rubber disc with a stiffer rim that can be used with spermicide for about a 98% protection against pregnancy (f they are fitten and inserted properly). It can be inserted by a woman prior to sex, then removed afterward. They have been around many years. They have to be fitted by a gynocologist, and re-fitted if you gain or lose over 10-15 lbs, or after several months of use, but they have been safe and effective for many couples for many years (including myself and my husband before chemo-induced early menopause came to me). It is a bit inconvenient to have to insert it before you have sex, but no worse than a condom (I guess, never used condoms). Once you learn howto put it in it is like inserting a tampon for your period. Couldn't hurt to ask!

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    please take a look at this:

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    Why don't you speak to a Gun Oncologist at your hospital. I'm guessing BC isn't your doc's specialty. Also, what stage BC do you have? Are you sure you need to take Tamoxifen. My cousin and her sister both chose to skip TAM after their surgery for very early BC and they are 10 and 20 year survivors - both got cancer around 40.