lung cancer back

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Hi Everyone. Am new to this room. From Canada. 3rd Time around with lung cancer - 52 years old. left lung been okay since 2005-surgery and chemo, right lung operation october 2007 no chemo, but looks like might have returned. Has anyone tried any treatments other than chemo?


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    Hey rainbow, that's gotta be tough stuff thinking lung cancer is back. I'm heading off to checkup tomorrow, and it's always a scary thought. There's talk in the newspapers down here about cycltron type radiation therapy that is new. But I don't know much, and I guess ignorance is bliss. Anyway good courage! Tim
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    please take a look at this:

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    Hi Rainbowssmile, I to am from Canada & 52. I have had ovarian cancer in 91 then breast cancer in 1998 and now in my lungs was found in 2006 so I was wondering what treatment you are doing
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    Hello Rainbowsmile if you want something different than quimo, maybe radiation could be a good option for you.
    My husband just finish radiation on the chest. He took quimo but it didn't work so he took radiation( 30 cycles in total, 3 weeks twice a day). Next week he will receive radiation on the brain for prevention, We don't have the result of the chest yet, but muy husband is better, he was taking 80 mg of oxycotin for pain, now he is only takin 20mg and sometimes he doesn't need it.

    Radiation is local treatment and where the radiation is given there is not more cancer cells. Radiation kills all cancer cell and does not let them grow. But there are side effects. My husband is 32 years, but his best medicine is the positive attitude.So he tolerate very well radiation. He was very fatigue and in the third week he needed medicine to swallow because it was painful.

    For us was the only solution.
    Talk and read more about radiation any questions let me know. Good luck.