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My husband had a colonoscopy in Oct. 07. His surgeon at Dana Farber in Boston has been doing his follow-up scopes and pet scans. My husband who was diagnosed with stage 3 rectal cancer Jan 06, feels very comfortable with his surgeon. I have felt the same up until now, his colonoscopy in Oct.had one polyp removed which was benign, two-three small sessile polyps were found but not removed or biopsied. The Surgeon felt that he could preferate the colon and would like a follow up in 1 year. Has anyone had this happen? Is this to long to wait?


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    Yearly is fairly normal for a scopy, unless some new activity is found (bleeding, etc). I have to go to a special GI guy, because of the delicacy of my colon from radiation. Perforation is easier on a radiated bowel...

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