hepatic artery pump

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Just wondering if anyone here has had a hepatic artery infusion of chemo thru a pump? My husband and I are going to Sloan Kettering to have this done. He's stage 4 (liver). I've read that the chemo can be delivered at up to 200 times the dose of systemic chemo? Wondering if the pump operation is difficult and what recovery will be like? Thanks, Fiona.


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    I have had my hepatic artery pump since 01-12-07 thru the University of Michigan. The operation really isn't too bad. The pump works with your body temperature. I have mine filled with chemo every two weeks and it runs for 24 hours for 14 days. then I go back and the chemo thats left in the pump is then drained and glycerene is put in for two weeks. Works like a charm, I have not had any problems with it. I believe it has been a blessing. I'm still here and enjoying life!
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    I had one, unfortunately though, the fluid around the pump became infected and I had to have it removed. It was nice not to have any side effects. Best of luck.