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I am sure many of you are wondering what in the world is going on with me! I didn't get to start chemo on Wednesday! We got up early Wednesday morning and headed to the hospital for chemo. I got there and we waited about an hour for them to tell us that they didn't have me a room! And plus, they couldn't put my port in. So they were just going to "put" me somewhere for the day and then get me in a room whenever they could. I didn't like that idea since that was my first chemo. I wasn't sure how it would go! And thne they wanted me to come back on Monday to get my port in. I asked if there was anyway we could just do it all together. So they sent me home and said be at the hospital for surgery on Monday morning and then they will start my chemo. And I will be there for about 3 days! I got to come down and spend the weekend with Daniel and his family! So the Lord worked it out. But I am ready to start and get at least 1 behind me! I will try to keep y'all updated better than I have! You can always go to my blog to see updates! www.danielandlyndsie.blogspot.com I update that more than anything! Hope you are all doing good!!!