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hi all i'm back from Spain. We had a great time although it was a little cool for us use to warm weather in Mexico. My Mom had her 3rd cycle last week and Dr. has ordered a CA-125 before we continue. I feel my Mom preasures for not having more treatments,I understand it's hard but what worries her most is the costs bc of lack of inssurance, so the Dr. said let's see. I feel 3 treatments are not enough to kick this back for a while, specially when my baby is due November 17th....I would love to have her there with me on that day,that worries me all the time. love all. Liz


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    WB Liz, thanks for sharing the update and sorry to hear the stress of the cost of treatments. Contact American Cancer Society and check on compassionate use. I will pray she has the opportunity to hold and enjoy the new grandbaby. And remember that to stop treatment does not mean you stop living. Hugs N Prayers Bonnie
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    It's wonderful that you have added good memories of the trip to Spain. One step at a time. Let's see what the CA-125 says. God is in control. Hugs and Prayers. Saundra
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    Hi Lizper,
    Welcome home!! Did your Mom have a great time?? I hope so. I know it must be stressful on you all to be paying for the chemo without insurance!! I went through 6 cycles of doxil and it gave me 13 months of remission..so I'll keep her in prayer that it works as well for her. (((hugz)))~~Joanne
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    please take a look at this:


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    Hoping and praying for the best for you all. Blessings, Sharon :) CONGRATULATIONS on the baby.