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Hi, My name is Sherri and I was diagnosed with CC w/mets to the liver on 2/26/08. I had a left hemi-colectomy 3/18/08 and will begin 5FU on 5/5/08. I have been found to have a genetic sensitivity to the 5FU so will have to start at a reduced dosage, and forego the FOLFOX cocktail until the onc sees how I handle to 5FU. Anyone else have this problem? I am concerned about side effects, not only from the 5FU but from the sensitivity. Thank you. Sherri


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    no I don't. I did the folfox treatment and tolerated the 5FU pretty well, didn't do so well the oxaliplatin. I hope someone else can give you an answer about the genetic senstivity. I did most of my chemo on reduced doses.
    Good luck - all the best.
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    Hi Sherri,
    I don't have an answer about the 5FU as I did okay while on it. I wanted to say hello and welcome you to this site which can be very helpful when looking for answers or simply needing someone to listen. I am Stage 4 also, I had liver resection. I will keep you in my thoughts and hope you can tolerate the 5FU. Hugs to you...Audrey
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    Hi, I am on the folfox regime of which I have had 1 treatment, which made me very,very sick for the first 4 days after treament, mine are every 2 weeks but I am only a stage 3. I'm sure someone on here can help you. There are a lot of very caring supportive people here. Sorry that you are having to fight the evil beast though.
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    Hi Sherrie, Welcome to the semi-colons!, but sorry you have to be here. I also found this site between surgery in Dec 03 and chemo in Jan 04. I was stage III, treated with 5FU and leuco only (Oxali was just coming out of trials). How did you find out about your genetic sensitivity?
    I don't know if it will apply, but I found that staying really well hydrated before, after and during chemo made a big difference in how I felt. I would start drinking water in the a.m. before my afternoon chemo, and keep up right through the evening. I generally tolerated the 5FU well, except for loss of appetite, hair thinning and major fatigue, which is not typical, I understand. I was amazed at all the help/tips/suggestions I got here with whatever side effects cropped up.
    I am one of those veterans who does not keep up with the boards much, but I am now nearly 4 years of No Evidence of Disease. Best of luck, and I wish the same to you; keep us posted. Judy