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Just discovered I have hypothyroidism. Not sure if chemo or rads have anything to do with it. Possible it has been going bad for 20 years considering my symptoms. Our local Bi-Mart store was having this blood test thing so I did the thyroid one and my #'s are about 13, which was high enough for the lab to actually call me. What made me FINALLY have it checked was my eyelashes. After chemo they grew back, then kept falling out. Mind you this has been going on for 5 years. Also the fatigue hasn't really gone away. But the eyelash thing was the straw that broke the camels back. One eye had a clump that's fallen out and has not grown back. I have not seen the doc yet to figure out why the hypothyroidism or what to do about it yet. Just know this is a slow and very silent problem that I am sure many many people just deal with the symptoms and not get it checked. So if you have the symptoms, maybe you have a fixable problem!! Just letting you all learn from my experiance, God Bless, Amelia


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    Go to the doctor! My sister has hypothyrodism and it is VERY treatable. It is also very common in women. She had trouble getting warm, gained weight easily, stayed tired all the time. Those are the symptoms I know about, though I'm sure she could tell you more. One little pill a day and she was back to her old perky self. She even got her weight back to normal. Her condition means a few doctor visits and blood tests a year to keep the pill dose correct. She also had to have her thyroid tested to make sure it was okay. So go make your appointment and get checked out.
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    I'm here to second Amelia's thought. My TSH was 1.0 before chemo/RT. After chemo/RT is was 48.0. I walked around with essentially no thyroid function for 8 months. If you seem to continue to be tired beyond what you expect ask (demand) that they check your TSH levels. Hypothryoidism negatively affects every bodily function. I've been on synthroid for about 2 1/2 months and its a whole new world. I feel so good - I didn't know how bad I felt without it until I had it back!!
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    Hi Amelia:
    I was just diagnosed with hyperthyroidism myself. Was feeling very tired, blew up with water retention and had heart beats of 125pm, ran out of breath going up two steps and finally the muscle pain. Please go to the dr and don't let this go untreated. I started my treatment Tuesday and already I feel like a new person. The muscle pain is almost gone and can now go up the stairs without getting out of breath. Go get treated and you'll see how much better you feel. Hugs and prayers,Lili
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    Thank you for bringing it up. I've been treated for hypothyroidsm for years, one small pill every day, and didn't have any of the effects, besides cold feet and hands. Now I'm on my fist chemo treatment, and I've been thinking about the thyroid too, if it can bring any change on it. I will speak about this with the oncologist on the next visit.