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Hello Ladies
Once again back with a question. First let me apologies for not keeping up with the discussions here, I've just been trying to keep my mind off this thing and busy, there are days that I don't even think about cancer, except for the no hair and lashes are getting sparse. I have a question, I've had this annoying headache since Monday it feels like a hangover but not as severe, my last (3rd) chemo was last Wednesday. Also I just noticed that one of my toes are numb. Well you know where I'm going with this.....yeah you know....does it go to the brain??? I can't beleive I just asked that question. I would say it's a reaction from chemo, is it? I put a call in to the doc's office today, hopefully they'll call me back. Tylenol doesn't help this thing either. Otherwise I'm doing ok, just getting by and I have a CT scan scheduled for the 1st of May, hopefully we'll see some results although I know it's too soon, but you never know eh? I hope all of you are good and I'm so sorry to hear of what some of you are going through, my prayers and thoughts are always with you. Love to all of you. God Bless!


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    I didn't have a headache, but do have the numb toes. Seems to me it could be from the chemo, but how come the toes get numb and the head hurts? Good to hear from you. My CT scan after 4 doses of chemo showed more than a 50% decrease in tumors size all over, so it is not too soon. I did have a decrease in the abdominal pain too. It's good that you stay busy and not dwell on this all the time. (((HUGS)))
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    Good to hear from you too Girl! Well my doc called back and they need to see me today to check my blood preasure and take a peek in my eyes and see what's going on (a lot of puns there eh?) unintentional! I'll let you know what the outcome is when I get back. Wow and those results is what I'm talkin about!! I'm looking for the same! Hugs and love to you and everyone else.
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    Hi Linda:
    Glad to hear you are dealing with all of this, and moving on with your life. Especially in view of all these new 'annoyances' that come with chemo.

    Numb toes I would categorize as neuropathy. Vitamin B-6 and L-Glutamine minimized my numbness and pain (which was tremendous in the arms and feet), and it all eventually subsided after chemo and as I continued the supplements.

    The headaches could be several things. Personally, I have low blood pressure under normal circumstances, and the chemo made it even lower. That created headache, dizziness, fast heart rate, couldn't get enough oxygen to the brain. It got as low as 84/72. All I could do was nibble on something salty like potato chips or pretzels. I also tried something with caffiene (early in the day) which helped a little. After a few days it went away. And then I was prepared for the next chemo and low blood pressure 'attack'.

    Hope that all helps. And we'll be waiting to hear about your CT scan results. Hugs!

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    Linda - are you taking the steroids before and after treatment? Sometimes they cause headaches. Could be a number of things - but you should always get it checked out, which you are doing. As far as going to the brain - how could you not think that? I think it is normal. I have been having real problems with my memory and that's been through my mind also - but they say it's a delayed effect of chemo. Great, something else to think of. lol

    Also re: headache. I don't know if you've ever been to a chiropractor, but I know for me if I have a headache that won't go away with meds it's usually a sign I'm out somewhere.

    The toe numbness does sound like neuropathy. I've had it in my hands and the B-6 worked great until after all the treatments were done and I went back to work - the computer work seemed to aggravate it and night times became unbearable. I am taking Neurontin during the day and amitryptyline at night and it works pretty well.

    I hope you get answers to your questions and let us know how you are doing. Take good care. Sending nothing but good thoughts your way.

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    I agree with all the great info you have gotten so far. I too get headaches from chemo,they last about 2 days,I take tylenol...which helps but never fully takes them away...just hang in there...as long as they get better is all that matters,but definetly tell your Onc just so he has the full picture of you. Good luck it will get better!!! (((hugz)))~~Joanne
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    Hey Linda, I am happy to hear that you are doing well, except for the headaches. I agree the numbness sounds like neuropathy and the L-glutamine does help some. This time around I also take L-Lysine.

    Glad the doc is checking out the headaches. I get them from the steroids also, but I also got them really bad when I took zofran and found out I am allergic to zofran. Monica was right about even low blood pressure causing them. Sometimes it takes journaling to see what happened right before they started.

    Hugs N Prayers Bonnie