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Everyone in our family knows BC envolves if not effects every generation of women. My mother got dx BC when she was 45 had a lumpoctmy, I was dx at 33 and just had my bilateral mastomy a few weeks ago and now have reconstruction and 4 rounds of Taxol to go.. We did gene testing and she was BRCA1 pos. Now they will test me and I am sure I will be also, my question is does this mutation change treatment for reoccurrance any input would be great.


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    Hey Heather,
    I would check with the group that did the gene testing first. The counselors could answer that since that is their field. With the information you find out, talk with your oncologist. Hope this helps, Angela
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    You will need to talk to your oncologist that monitors your chemo to determine if this test result changes anything there. My guess is that it doesn't or else we would all be tested for it. I know that folks that test positive for BRCA 1 and 2 have to make some other treatment choices, one of which you have already made. Since a positive result means you have a greater than normal chance to develop breast cancer, many women with a positive result decide to do a prophylactic bilateral mastectomy. You already did that so that decision is behind you. The other hard one is whether you should have an oopherectomy too. That means taking your ovaries out. I had to face that one because they thought I had ovarian cancer on top of breast cancer. It was a tough decision. They cannot tell if you have ovarian cancer until they take the ovaries out. After they take them out, they can't put them back. There is no mammogram or perfect blood test to find ovarian cancer, so many folks get found in late stage cancer. I did not want the bumps on my ovaries to be cancer, but I worried about what life would be like without my ovaries. It took two years of tests and doctor visits before I finally gave in and had a total hysterectomy. Yes, I now have hot flashes, but that is the worst of the symptoms I developed. I have been able to go on exemestane instead of tamoxifen and you can't do that with working ovaries. My moods are much more stable than they were before. I no longer get monthly headaches. So in spite of all the worries, things turned out okay for me. If you are positive for BRCA1 or 2, you can talk with your oncologist about if and when you should have your ovaries out.
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    hi, i just wanted to let U know that I 2 was tested pos.for brc a2 I got my sister to do the test 2 -she has had cancer twice already and she 2 tested positive for the same brc a 2. It gives U an oppertunity to take preventative measures -they told me that having a com plete hysterrectomy would give me an 80% chance of not getting Ovarian cancer -which is whatb My Mother died from. Sorry this so sloppy -My medications are kickin' in and I just had surgery today for carpul tunnel O =n my right look at me still trying to mess with the com p I can't do much more even though I would love to go into more detail -I am getting too loopy-
    Big hugs Anyway-Sue