Surgery 4/23 moved to 4/30

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Hi, this is Carol. My surgery got moved by a week because of problems with the EKG. This was mind-blowing for everyone, because I am an addicted runner and in excellent health aside from the cancer. And yes, there really wasn't anything wrong with my heart. They didn't even re-run the EKG. Will update once I actually have the surgery. Thanks for all of your prayers and hugz!


  • BonnieR
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    Hi Carol, sorry to hear of the delay but glad they are being deligent in checking out everything. Keeping you in prayer. Bonnie
  • mopar
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    Sounds like you're in good hands! This just gives us extra time for extra prayers and hugs!
    Stay strong.
  • floridajo
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    better to be safe than sorry..keep us posted..(((hugz)))~~~joanne
  • saundra
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    Will keep you in my prayers for the 30th, then. (((HUGS)))