Another update on Jenna

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First i would like to say wow! this website is sooooo much faster! anyways...Jenna is going home on monday!! They finally started giving her real food. yummy hospital food =P...I did go home but i had our best friend stay with her, that made me feel better and i got lots of rest. Im still tired though. I wish i could take the pain away from her! I dont want to watch her go through chemo and lose her hair again and all that stuff. It makes me so sad. She says hi to everyone! she will be posting soon! thanks for everyones messages, help and support!!!
Jesse and Jenna


  • jamilou
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    Give Jenna a big hug for me and tell her I am praying for her quick and speedy recovery! Can't wait to see her posting again! Glad you were able to get some rest. Take care of yourself.
  • lindachris
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    Yeah, it's hard for everyone involved to realize the stuff you have to go through. I've always equated it to an athlete...who knows they're going to get injured. But if you treat it like that as well...almost like chemo and everything is a training camp for your future health, to the best of your ability you get through it together.
  • saundra
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    Thanks for the update, Jesse. I am praying for you and Jenna to get strong and stay strong for each other. Had I not had, Joe, my hubby of over 48 years, I don't know what I would have done. ((Hugs)) Saundra
  • mopar
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    Thank you for the update! So glad to hear Jenna is on the road to recovery. Everyday she is one step closer to being well again. Glad to hear you got some rest. Try not to look too far ahead regarding chemo. Spend those 'worry' moments instead just enjoying time with Jenna, and getting on with your lives. Keep goals, hopes, dreams, and you will keep your strength and peace about all of this.
    Luv to you both!