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Hello Ladies,
I have a question for you all. My ca-125 # was 15,this was after my 3rd cycle of Topotecan. I then started cycle 4,and caught the flu. I was on antiobiotics for 13 days. I had my pre-chemo labs pulled on the 15th,which included a ca draw. My labs came back normal so I could start my 5th cycle,but my ca # jumped from 15 to 65. My Onc thinks this could be caused from my flu...and I agree to a certain point,but 50 seems like a very high jump. With this second recurrence my ca-125 never even got as high as 65,it was 53. What do you all think or have some answers,or publication I could read...Thank you in advance...((((hugz)))~~~Joanne


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    Dear Joanne, I understand the worry, but your Dr could be right. Sometimes when we are ill or have taken antibiotics the ca125 goes up. It is just a protein marker and who knows what our bodies all do while it is trying to fight off bugs and tolerate medicine. Sending positive energy your way ~ Praying ~ for this treatment to knock them back again. Hugs N Prayers Bonnie
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    Hi Joanne:
    I agree - wait till your next report and see if it goes down. 50 does seem high, but mine went from 10 to 27 one month, all because I took Boniva. The following month it came back down to 19, so I will get another this week. Hopefully, it will be down even lower. I was so sick from the Boniva, and past experience has shown me that my CA125 goes up with infection, inflammation, stress, etc. Lots of reasons. So, hang in there. Luv and hugs AND prayers! Let us know.
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    I thought my CA-125 might be up taken on the 11th because I had either a cold or serious allergies but it was 7. I did go ahead and take the chemo and it was harder than usual because of the congestion, I thought. My doctor keeps reminding me that the CA 125 is just one thing they look at and is apt to jump from time to time and not mean much.
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    I am glad that the topotecan is working on you. I went on it and my CA125 jumped from 99 to 543 in two months. I'm now on Doxil. I'm praying it was the flu that brought yours up. Good luck! Paula