invasive lobular questions??

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My Mom was dx with invasive lobular carcinoma in her right breast. She has had a masectomy and now on femara. She has it in her head that the oncologist said this kind of breast cancer would for sure spread to the other breast but I heard him say it has been known to do this(funny how 2 people can hear two different things). She is very freaked out about this. She will have an MRI next week. Anybody that has been dx with Lobular please tell me anything you know. Thanks and God Bless.


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    I know exactly what you mean because when the doctor speaks, it just is like echoing. It is good the two of you are together. I had a bilateral last March and found this to be helpful:

    Also, and note the videos/slide at the top of the site. There is a 24/7 number from the ACS that is wonderful. 1800-227-2345 and someone there can help you. I've even called at 2AM and they are wonderful. Hope this helps, Angela
  • Robin,
    No reputable oncologist would say that the cancer would 'be sure' to spread. But I understand how your mother could have heard it that way.
    The next time she visits her onco ask him to clarify this point for her and give her a measure of peace about it. And keep going over it as many times as she needs to be reassured, which will be often and often over the next few months.
    God bless you both.
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    I was dx with lobular in 2007.What the doctors told me was that it could reoccur in the other breast but there was no telling when it could happen. It could reoccur within the next 5 years or 25 years from now. I hope this helps alittle. If you have more questions you can email me if you wish.

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    I was dx with invasive lobular cancer in 2006, double lumpectomy and involved lymph nodes. I was told by my very experienced BC surgeon this less than 10% of the BC dx type had a much higher chance of recurrance in the opposite breast, and quickly, too. 14 months later, and a lump showed up in the SAME breast - same location even. ARGH. Dec '07, I had him remove both. I just got my new "girls" last week.
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    Fear is a normal reaction to hearing that you or a loved one have cancer, and it is hard to hear and understand everything the Doctors are telling you, especially early on. I agree that no Doctor worth his salt would say for sure anyone would or would not have a recurrence, or have it move somewhere else. I think the only sure thing about cancer is that there are no guarantees. Doctors can tell you what the statistics say (for example: out of 1,000 women known to have cancer like yours, X number have had a recurrence in the other side after so many years). Talk to your Doctor again and again until you and your mother are both confident that you have a clear answer. Also going to the websites mentioned above, and calling ACS are good ideas too.

    Hope you find a way to help ease your mom's mind a bit. seof