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I was diagnosed with colon cancer 6/03 at age 39, had a complete hysterectomy, bowel resection, 6 mos of chemo, PET/CT every 6 mos - all have been NED. I had genetic testing in 2006 which came back inconclusive. The gene was mutated? My father was also tested. His test showed nothing. My mother passed away in 2002, she had skin cancer as well as bladder cancer.
My sister, age 47, was just recently diagnosed with uterine cancer. Her Gyn told her that it seems to be contained. Hopefully the only surgery she will need is a hysterecomy with no treatments. My sister never had the gentic testing because my results were inconclusive. Could there be a connection with colon cancer? We go to the gynecological oncologist this week. This site was so informative when I needed it a few years ago, someone always had the answer for me. Thanks for any advise.


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    Coincidentally - I went to the gynecologist this week. I had colon cancer stage 3A diagnosed in January 2007, I am currently NED. Since I missed many of my routine tests, mamogram, pap, etc. I have been doing catch up. In conversation with my gynocologist (the last of my catch up tests, I there for a pap smear), she told me that there if virtually no correlation between colon cancer and uterine or endometrial cancer. There is, apparently, some correlation with ovarian cancer. I have two friends that had contained uterine cancer and a hysterectomy was done, end of conversation, they are fine. I hope your sister falls in this category. I have no family history of any abdominal or breast cancer.

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    I just had a resection done 7 wks ago for rectal cancer. I'm currently working with a geneticist to complete some testing. They feel I have a mutated gene as well. My doctor put together my pedigree and told me colon cancer and uterine cancer are related. Also breast cancer and ovarian cancer are related. My mom had breast cancer and her mom had uterine cancer. Hope this helps. I wish the best for your sister.
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    Check out HNPCC (Hereditary Non-Polypar Colorectal Cancer). Recently, also, I heard a news report (haven't heard anything since) that links some forms of colon cancer with skin cancer. Gene testing is in it's beginning stages, even breast cancer gene links are still be found, but hopefully it will help future survivors in their fights!

    Hugs, Kathi
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    I had a complete hysterectomy for uterine cancer in 1999. I had six weeks of radiation every day after that. In '06 I got the Stage IV colon cancer diagnosis and was told that they can be related. I don't know if the radiation might have done it or some kind of stray cells from the uterine cancer. I have never had lymph node involvement. I was told that someone should have informed me that I for sure should have not waited on a colonoscopy because of the heightened danger of colon cancer. Linda