9 out of 10 symptoms of ovarian caner-mohter died of ovarian cancer-no health insurance-no physician

concerned about symptoms-family history-husband haband has prostate cancer (in remission) NO MONEY-no doctor--what to do--is there time to wait???


  • tlva
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    I am not too familiar with ovarian cancer or it's symptoms, but I don't know how you could avoid a doctor's visit if you are experiencing symptoms of ovarian cancer. Maybe a women's free clinic or reduced fees are available in your area? Contact your local chapter of the Cancer Society to see if they have any resources for you for screening. I do know ovarian is sometimes advanced when the symptoms do present themselves, so waiting is not a good idea. Hope this helps!
  • gerimay132003
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    no money
    if you need help call acs toll free # or if your a veterian call va hospital they both can help also try your local dhs office.