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Hi My sister had colon cancer surgery almost 3 weeks ago. She started having problems with right back side pain. They feel it is a pocket of fluid. She has been put back into the hospital. Have any of you had infection after surgery or anything like this?


  • renee2u
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    No problems.... but I am sorry for you and your sis... hope all goes well!
  • Jaime4
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    I had colon cancer surgery 7 wks ago. I had a CT scan done due to continued pain. They thought I had a fluid pocket. I had a colon infection and was put on an antibiotic. Hope this helps.
  • CherylHutch
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    I don't think it's uncommon at all to get an infection after any kind of surgery. Obviously, one hopes for the best and you don't get one because you have enough to deal with just recovering from the surgery, but don't panic. Infections, in hospitals, unfortunately are all too common. Back in 2001, when I had a hysterectomy, I came home after 6 days ... 2 days later, I was back in the hospital with a major post-op infection. It took a little time since this was a big one, but they put me on IV antibiotics and got it cleaned up. So don't worry... if they have found a pocket of infection...they'll get on it right away and put her on STRONG antibiotics :)
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    Was the surgery laproscopic? Mine was initially supposed to be that way and then they had a hard time closing things up so they had to open things up. It took a while to get things moving again. The pain lasted for about a month or so. My surgery was in the sigmoid area. I wish your family all the best.
  • levensweg
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    I had an infection while in hospital recovery. I had pain and a fever from it. Antibiotics and irrigation for a few weeks took care of it for me. As long as everyone is paying close attention especially if a fever is involved, that's very tell tale. But my infection was immediate. I don't know what three weeks later would even imply.
  • Monicaemilia
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    I had three surgeries and had an infection each time. The infection after my colectomy was particularly painful. Antibiotics and a drainage took care of it. I will pray for a speedy recovery for your sister. Monica