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My onc told me yesterday I had outlived expectations for reoccurent ovc ( less than 2 years) How long have any of you lived with reoccurent ovc and how long have you been without remission? I would really appreciate hearing from you. How long have you been on chemo?


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    Wow! Your doctor's comment really jolted me! I have never heard that before. I'm a 4 year survivor of Stage 111C, and have pretty much been in recurrence for about 3 years. I did also take Gemzar, and tolerated it very well (and didn't lose my hair). However, for me, it didn't work. But I've read where it has worked for many. Hang in there! With love and hugs, MM aka Keelie
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    From our perspective, this is the ultimate question, is it not? It was such a shock for Linda and I to hear the cancer was back last fall, and it begs the question of what comes next. Our church conducted its first ever "healing" with the elders laying hands on Linda, which is not her/our style, but it was very devout and earnest. Then a gal in our church who is a 19 year cancer survivor told us it was our responsibility to "claim" this healing. It is all very mysterious. The doctors do their very best, and some are more confrontational than others. Ovarian is a tough opponent. We all know that. I literally pray every day that my wife has beaten the disease. But we can't be sure. So we proceed on hope, determination and the "call" of remission. Because it is is as much a calling as it is a diagnosis.
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    I was pretty shocked to read what the doctor said as well. Do you recall what they told you when you were first diagnosed? What stage were you? My doctor explained that they treat ovarian cancer as a recurrent disease - I took that as you just keep fighting it until you can't fight it any more. I was stage 3C, am 3 months in to remission and try to be realistic that I am going to have a recurrence - but the longer I am in remission the better. I was told I had a 50/50 percent chance to make it 5 years. That's a scary thing when you are 43 - or any age for that matter.

    I hope you know we are all here for you. I can hear the fear in your brief question and wish I could give you a hug. Let us know how you are doing and I hope you get the news you are looking for. My best to you.

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    As for me, I am going to prove statistics wrong all along the way. Come join me. I am in my 13th month of chemo. My goal is to finish this maintenance and then go on a rest from it. I don't know what God has in store for me or when and work very hard on not trying to outguess Him. I have been in NED for 5 months. Saundra
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    So, does that mean that since I've had a recurrance, I shouldn't expect to live beyond 2 years? I've never heard that frightening statistic before.

    Well, the varying responses to your post says it all - there are no absolutes in this world, except for one (my faith). I don't know where you stand on that, so I will address what we know (or don't know) on an 'earthly' plane. I was told in 2000 that 'statistically' five years is the average for ovarian cancer victims. And I was stage 1C! You can be sure I was very distressed to hear that. I suppose my doctor felt it necessary to give me 'the facts' as he knows them. However, after researching and educating myself, I then put it all aside and said, 'I'm going to fight this no matter what, and not rely on 'statistics'. I have had one recurrance (in 2006), and since my last chemo in 7/06 I have been in remission. I would rather say, NED! (no evidence of disease), and even better, CURED! But, who can say for sure? We do the best we can, one day at a time.

    I would imagine medical practioners are obligated to give you the facts. Beyond that, I say, focus on the positive. Looking at all the negatives of this disease will only put you in a slump. And I truly believe your outlook and attitude has a great deal to do with how you get through this.

    There are so many wonderful accounts here of hope and progress, success stories, stories of inspiration and encouragement. Think on those things. Enjoy life to the fullest.

    Sending hugs and good thoughts your way!

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    I would disagree with your Dr, I have been on chemo and dealing with cancer for over 5 years now. I know women who have died in 3 and others that are still doing chemo and it has been over 7 for them.

    I have not had a remission, just take a chemo break now and then. The longest break has been 3 months. I think statistics are stuck at the highest percentage rate being 5 years but I think women are changing that ~ yes even as we post. I know I hope to help change the statistics.

    So don't dwell on what he said, he is not God.

    Hugs N Prayers Bonnie
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    I don't believe in statistics. Only God knows when and where our time will come. We don't know what He has planned for us. It says in the Bible that we will go through tough times and that is what we are doing. But we can fight it. I was diagnosed in May 2001 and I'm still here! I was also stage IIIC. I've had quite a few recurrences but that doesn't mean it is "the end". It just means we have to fight a little more. My prayers go to all of you on this site. May our good times outweigh our bad. Take Care,

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    I am shocked at what your Onc has said,and I would be looking into another Dr. if and when the time comes that you want to fight and he doesn't. My Onc told me after I had finished my original 6 cycles,that since my second look surgery/colostomy reversal revealed more visable cancer as well as all 15 biopsie were positive as well he told me "cure is off the table" I am currently a survivor of 3 1/2 years and am on my second recurrence within 6 months. My Onc and I treat it like any other chronic disease. We fight with chemo until my numbers get into the normal range and then I get a break for 3-6 months or until all tests point to another recurrence. I stopped believing in all the stastics...Last I heard was I had a 20% chance of seeing five years..I do not look at the 80% that I won't see 5 years...understand what I mean?? I look at the positive...and give it all to G*D,only he knows for sure. hang in there,Gemzar has worked for many many ladies. It only gave me 6 months of remission,but none the less I got another 6 months of feeling pretty darn good. I'll keep you in prayer..((((hugz)))~~~Joanne
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    I am also shocked. I was dx Nov. 03 Surgery Dec 03 Chemo from Jan.04-April 04 Remission from May04-Dec.05 had surgery. Have not been in remission since. I was also Stge IIIC, I consider myself a miracle and I know that God has a plan for my life. I have faith in doctors but I have more faith in Jesus Christ my victorious warrior who fights for me!
    I would definetly question my doctor about that though.
    God Bless, Jan