gemzar and update

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I got the resusslts back from ct scan and ca125 yesterday. I have some tiny new spots in my lungs and my lymph node and tumor in my chest wall and the one on my liver have grown a little. I started a regement of 6 cycles of gemzar yesterday. it is suppose to be well tolerated but I was very sick to my stomach and very tired. They gave me compzine rather than zofan.


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    I am sorry that your Ct scan cme back with present disease. I went through 5 cycles of Gemzar. I was able to tolerate it pretty well. I kept my hair,had a RX of compazine for the nausea,and sometimes I was tired,and you know the remedy for that!!! I'll keep you in prayer that the Gemzar works well for you. It brought down my ca-125 number quickly. (((hugz)))~~~Joanne