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Well, I went to the doctor today. And he said what I was afraid he would say. I start chemo next Wednesday at 8:45 am. I am SO scared! It was scary thinking about it before but now that he has actually said it everything has become so real to me! My stage was 2c. He said I was lucky because most don't catch it early. We had so many questions. And he answered them best he could. But it is still hard not knowing what is ahead! I feel so physically and emotionally drained tonight! Thank you so much for all of your love and prayers!! I will write more tomorrow when my head is more clear! Thank you! For everything!


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    Hello Lyndsie, Did you get my e-mail on this site yet? You are going to feel so much better after you've had your first chemo over with. Then, you'll know what's happening, etc. For me, I've never gotten sick.....the pre-meds are so good these days. I almost always go grocery shopping after the chemotherapy. Did your doctor do another CA-125 today? That would be good to know what it is after your surgery and before you start chemo. I look forward to you posting tomorrow when you are feeling better. You are going to do great! Lots of hugs, MM aka Keelie
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    Hi, Lyndsie:
    I hope you are feeling better today. You WILL get through this. And, as MM said, there are so many options nowadays to take care of any side affects. I'm so blessed, my doctor is very thorough. I had meds the night before, the morning of, in the IV before chemo, and then the chemo, then I took meds again that night. And I always had anti-nausea pills at my disposal. As for any other side affects, IF you are going to get any, you usually won't notice till after the 2nd or 3rd treatment. So just come back with any questions - we have TONS of advice, having all been there ourselves.

    You'll be fine, Lyndsie. I'm so glad that your doctor has impressed upon you that it was caught early, and that should give you relief and hope.

    I'll e-mail you with some suggestions for next week. Until then, take care.

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    Dear Lyndsie, That is wonderful news that you were only 2c, your Doc is correct that most women aren't diagnosed usually unit late stage.

    I totally understand the nervousness, but it does get better after the first treatment. It is the unknown that is the scariest. Make sure you tell your oncology staff how you felt and any side affects you may have. Like monika and keelie said there are a lot of drugs now to help with that. Prayers N Hugs Bonnie
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    One thing most of us have with the chemo is bowel problems, mine was constipation which I was totally inexperienced with. Now I start taking stool softeners the day before chemo and eat lots of prunes (five or six cherry flavored do the trick) everyday.
    None of the "sickness" hit me until 72 hours after the IV so go out and do what you feel like the first couple of days. I try to walk and exercise as much as I feel like and think that makes me stronger. You will learn about your body and it's reaction and don't be surprised if things keep changing. We are here for you and keep you in our prayers. We know what you are going through, feeling, and uncertainties. There is strength in numbers and comfort from the Great Comforter. Blessing to you. Saundra
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    Lyndsie: Now you have a focus. Everyone here can give you good advice about how to handle chemo as best you can. And everyone here can provide support if you're feeling scared or down. From our experience everyone here will respond when you need questions answered, as there are inevitable questions no matter what treatment they prescribe. God Bless and keep us informed.

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    Lyndsie - I am so glad to see you wrote. 2C is indeed good news if you can have that with a cancer diagnosis. I know you are freaked out and worried - but think of the chemo as a way to fight back. As all of the ladies have said - it really is not as bad as it used to be. The meds are great these days and no doctor wants you to be nauseated or in pain. My bad day usually his about day 5 - and then I'd feel better each day after that. There were a lot of time where my best friend and my son and I would go out for lunch or eat lunch during chemo - it sounds bizarre, but that's how it was.

    Have they told you what drugs you are getting? Be sure that whoever goes with you for appointments or treatment writes everything down. You will be amazed how many times you refer back to your notes.

    I hope today was a better day for you - keep posting as often as you need to. My best to you and Daniel. Sending prayers and and hugs your way.