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I am a breast cancer survivor of 7 years. My mother also had breast cancer but did not die of it. We both had it in our 50's. What are your thoughts on having BRCA testing done? I have heard that I am the one who should be tested since I had cancer and if I'm negative for BRCA then no one in my family needs to worry about higher risk of getting it. I really don't understand what the criteria is for having this test.


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    I just had both BRCA1 and BRCA2 done. Before you do the testing, the genetic counselor talks with you at length. They ask for a complete history including any illness on both parents side. There are many sites from and the ACS that can answer all your questions. I have 2 children and 6 brothers and sisters. Both my parents died of cancer so I am glad to give any helpful information to them. Hope this helps.
  • As Angela wrote, the counselor will determine what your risk of having the gene mutation is based on family history. I am the 4th woman in my family to have breast cancer and my Aunt died of it. I do not have the gene. This was helpful in planning my future and for others in the family. I was diagnosed at 42 yrs. old (which apparently is still young for BC)so that raised a red flag and docs. suggested the test. It costs over $4000.oo but my ins. covered it. Good luck with everything. Eil
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    If you test positive then your daughters and/or grandaughters might want to be tested so they can take any preventative measures such as starting mamograms at an early age. Some younger women that have tested positive have had bilateral masectomies as a precaution.