stage 4

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Went to see my onc this morning love him,will have a pet scan friday since I still have an open wound they are not shure if they can start chemo,he said they will if it is absolutly necessary he sounds very up beat,when they thought I had ovarian cancer his wife was going to be my onc,now with colon cancer he takes care of me,they both studied at MD Anderson cancer center which is only 30 minutes down the road from me.Thank you all


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    I am sending prayers your way. I hope they can start chemo soon and that you tolerate it.

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    My best wishes to you in your journey. You are in great hands with an onc from MD Anderson and also being so close to the large facility. When I lived in Texas that was going to be an option for me if I needed other then standard care. Moving here to Tampa, though, I am thrilled to now be with Moffitt Cancer Center. It is a huge facility and I feel more confident here. Looking forward to hearing more as you go ahead in treatment. dx 6/06 Stage IV mets to liver
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    Sending prayers your way and good thoughts. Keep the faith . An upbeat doc is and one who studied at MD Anderson is a great combination. Keep us posted! Good luck and God Bless.