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First thank you all for your responses,Monday I will see my onc for the first time it has been three wks since my bowel resection,plus a nasty wound infection last week,I'm kind of nervous I have so many questions to ask wish me to all and God bless you


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    Good luck, Doris!! And don't be afraid to write them down and go in prepared with all the ones you want to ask. Sometimes we figure that the questions are so important that there's no way we will forget them, but when we get in the room we can't remember how to ask a single one. That is totally normal, so pack your pad of paper and a pen to jot down notes of what he/she says. :)
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    In additon to the notepad with questions, take someone along with you. It is hard to comprehend all the onc tells you. That other person will be able to help you remember all that was said afterwards. Our onc suggested that we keep a copy of all information and test results from the beginning. I have copies of everything from teh org path report to the routine blood work done at each visit. Although I have not had to use these materials, the onc thought that it was important to keep a full record.

    Onc expect you to have questions and he/she should be willing to answer them all. If you do not get the answers you feel you deserve or the onc discourages questions, reconsider your choice for onc. You and this person you have hired to care for you will have a long relationship even with the most positive treatment response. Make sure this is someone you feel comfortable with from the beginning. I can't tell you all the questions I have asked, the onc has become accustioned to my asking stuff at every visit. It is your body and you have the right to know what is going on. The more information you have, the prepared you will feel in this fight.

    I wish you all the best. Read the posts here. They were so much help to me when comunicating with the doc. Things he said made more sense to me because the great people on this board had taught me so much.
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    I send you all the positive thoughts and wishes I have. I agree with the other responses write down all your questions and bring AT LEAST one other person with you. It is easy for your brain to go into spasm when you are there asking questions. Anything you forget call about. If your oncologist doesn't answer things to your satisfaction, look elsewhere. My oncologist had a nurse practioner who had been with him for 8 years, I often found her a great source of comfort and practical and informed information. If your oncologist has a good nurse practionier , they can be a great source of information.
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    Good luck, Doris! I hope you have a good oncologist who will answer all of your questions.

    Keep us posted, and let us know how your surgery is healing up? It took me a while to heal, and i still get incisional pains, but everyone has said that is normal, even after four months.

    Many hugs!