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I start my first chemo April 14th.I had my surgery Feb. 29th. My doctor said he got 90% of the cancer out and chemo should take care of the rest. Before surgery my CA-125 was 30,000. I had another blood test taken last week and it was 7,222. Has anyone heard of numbers that high? I have read a lot of the posts here and have not found any numbers near that. It scares me. I also had a CT scan done. I hope that comes back okay. I go to The Lehigh Womens Cancer Center tomorrow (April 9th) for a check- up with my Gyn /Onc. I am a nervous wreck.I also had a port put in yesterday, which I did read here that it was a good thing to have done.
My Prayers, hugs and thoughts are with all you!


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    Mine started at 2988 and yours sounds high to me. That would be a question for you gyn/onc. I have had a port for a year with no problems. I have to take 1mg. of warfarin (a blood thinner) to help keep it open but understand not every oncologist does this.
    I have been on chemo for the whole year except for about 5 or 6 weeks when I had surgery in the middle of it. I had to take 4 chemos before surgery because mine is Stage IV and was already in the liver. Those chemos made my CA125 drop to 35.
    Think positive, Terry. HUGS and Prayers for you chemo. Do you know what you will be taking? I started with Taxol and Carboplatin. Saundra
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    Hi Saundra,
    I will be taking carbo/taxol. I'm just upset over the numbers being so high.I will try and keep positive.
    (((HUGS))) Terry
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    Terry - your numbers do sound high, but just think how far they came down with just surgery. That's a good thing. Do not be afraid to ask any question that you have on your mind - otherwise it will just fester. It is your body and you have a right to know. My CA 125 was 1660 when I started and 2 weeks ago I was at 9.1 - with each treatment you will see you number go down - and that will be one of your markers as to how chemo is going.

    I have a port and LOVE IT! Just like Saundra said, I also take 1 mg of Warfarin a day and will take that for the full 2 years that my port will be in - unless I have a recurrence and then it will be longer. It is so nice to be able to use that thing for blood draws, blood transfusions, chemo, fluids, etc. It is definitely weird to watch when they insert the device to draw blood - but it becomes old habit.

    Best of luck at your appointment tomorrow and let us know how you are doing. Take good care. Hugs!

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    Terry, I agree talk to your Dr about any concerns you are having and a port it wonderful.

    Also remember that a ca125 is different for each person, when my ca125 gets over 200 I have more measurable cancer than one of the women I know who is always 2-3,000. Each of our bodies are different. I know its really hard but try not to focus on the number. :-) I know easier said than done.

    Hugs N Prayers Bonnie
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    I agree with Bonnie. The ca-125 reports the amount of protein the cancer produces. I have a very low ca-125 number,and had a recurrence within 2 months of my last treament and all tests indicated I was NED..I wasn't so on to Doxil for 6 rounds. I also know of a young lady who's # was 4000..and she came out of staging surgery,and was staged 1c. So please try not to worry yourself..stress is a no no in our world. ((((hugz))))~~Joanne
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    I saw my gyn/ono today . I told him I was really worried about my ca 125 being so high. He said not to worry. The exact same thing you ladies have told me.Yes, stress is the last thing I need.I just hope I can get use to this port. I had it put in Monday and it really bothers me. I guess it needs time to heal.

    My Prayers, hugs and thoughts are with all you!
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    I read your post and I wanted to let you know that before surgery my CA125 was 50,500 and before chemo it was 1000 and now it has been almost 3 years and I have been steady at 13. What was explained to me that even after surgery it takes awhile for it to come back down, it doesn't mean that there is still cancer in your body. It is a good thing that you were sensitive to the CA125 because it will be a good marker for them to use in follow-up visits. I had surgery in August of 2005 and my gyn/onc was able to remove all of the cancer and then I underwent 6 chemo treatments of carbo/taxol and have been cancer free ever since. I also had a port put in and it truly was a blessing, I finished chemo in January of 2006 and was able to have the port removed in April of 2006. I hope that you are doing well tonight, and I look forward to chatting with you soon.

    Take Care,