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I had rectal cancer surgery 5 wks ago and was still experiencing pain. Doc did a CT scan this week. I had a colon infection. She found a spot on my liver and adrenal gland. She wants to do a repeat scan in 3-6 mos to see if there are any changes. She also found a ovarian cyst that she said is pretty big, 2 inches by 2 inches. She said she checked my ovaries during surgery and the cyst was not there. She said it has grown to that size in 5 wks. I go for an ultrasound on April 15th. Has anyone experienced such a fast growing cyst?


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    Yes, I did. About 2 months after I finished my treatment I had a problem with severe abdominal pain. I was scanned, ultasounded, etc and hospitalized. The paid just went away - but a large ovarian cyst showed up on my scan and ultrasound. They are pretty sure it is just a cyst and will look at it again in may (6 mos. after they found it) on my regular scan. I am told this happens and no one is too concerned. It was not there on previous scans. Try not to worry. I am not worrying about this. Hopefully it will be gone on my next scan. I hope yours is too.
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    During my normal check-up CT Scan in early 07 they found a few small cysts on the right and left ovaries. I had not had a period in about 5 years due to being on the pill, but was taken off the pill due to a blood clot issue. Body began to regulate itself in April 07. Began having periods again in April 07 that were not regular, spotting for several weeks and bleeding heavy for 2 days. Have done several internal pelvic ultrasounds within the last year and all cysts except one on the left ovary have disappeared.

    I have also had 2 CA125 blood tests which is used for ovarian cancer and they to have come back negative.

    GYN still wants to follow-up on regular basis.