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I had a mastectomy on Feb. 21. I have had some problems with draining that now appear to be on the road to resolving, but I am getting concerned that delaying starting my chemo may be dangerous to me (my doctors have said that first I have to stop draining before they can start the chemo). I read on the internet that chemo should be begun by 12 weeks at the latest, otherwise outcomes could be compromised. Does anyone know if this is true? I am getting worried and am going to start pushing my doctors to start it. Ohilly


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    Hi Ohilly:

    Your oncologist can't start treatment until your fully healed. They can delay start of chemo until 12 weeks so you still have time. Unfortunately, chemos destroys cancer cells but also some good cells and that is why they cannot start treatment for you yet. If they started before you are fully healed you wouldn't heal properly. Best of luck to you. Lili
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    Hi Ohilly...If I count correctly, you are only 6 weeks into healing from your surgery. You still have the drains. Your body needs time to heal and get stronger before the next major battle. Chemo will weaken your system. To have the best outcome you need to go into it being healed pretty well from your surgery. I would think if the doctors started this too soon it would only compromise the situation. You are still recovering, you would be doubly tired if you started now and you might have problems going through chemo. I know you are anxious to get rid of the beast once and for all, but hurrying through chemo is not the answer. Discuss your concerns with your doctor. What Lilli has said makes sense. If you are destroying good cells along with bad, how can you heal from your surgery? There won't be any good cells to help the healing. Hugs to you, Cindy
  • Ohilly, As has been said, your body has been assaulted by surgery and asesthesia and is using everything it has to heal. Chemo really degrades your immune system and if you started it now, your healing from the surgery would be halted. You could not possibly withstand both. I just had a lumpectomy and sentinal node biopsy and they waited 6 weeks to start chemo, so it stands to reason that with your surgery the wait should be much longer. Be patient, with breast cancer, a few weeks either way is ok as I've been told. Hang in there. I haven't seen you on the interim chat room. Did you get my e-mail with the site? Eileen
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    The only thing I would add to what these ladies have already said is to remember that information you read on the internet, even from reliable sources, is only based on averages and statistics and generalizations. Your Doctors know your individual body and the specifics of your treatment. If you have concerns, ask them to explain why they are doing things the way they are for you.

    best wishes, seof