bad fingernails

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Since starting on Xeloda & Tykerb, fingernails developed ridge and catch on everything, fear ripping them off! suggestions?


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    I had the same problem and I carried a soft file around with me and just smoothed them out probably once a day. My husband would laugh and say I was gonna file them away. It helped and made me feel better. It also made them shine which I liked. It has now been 9 months and all the ridges are gone and my nails are back to normal. Wishing you all the best.

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    I didn't have that problem, but when I was on Herceptin and (I think the other was Taxol, can't think just now) my toenails developed blisters underneath them, then turned white and loosened up from the nail bed, but stayed attached at the base and edges. It looked like I had a fungus, and felt tingly. Fingernails remained normal.

    I think the nailfile idea sounds like it might work for you.

    Best wishes, seof
  • Yep. My fingernails got weak and toenails lifted after chemo. I am on herceptin now and was kind of hoping things would improve. On a rare positive note, my nail beds seem to have lengthened and my fingernails, while short, are a pretty shape. I hope you find something that will help and make you feel beautiful. love, Joyce
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    I am wondering if anyone had the same experience w/ black lines and blothces in their nails after chemo after a year it finally seems to have grown out?