How long for CEA results?

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I have my first bloodwork on Monday. How long do y'all usually have to wait for CEA results? Y'all know I'm the anxiety kid. Hope it's not a long wait. *grins*



  • KFalvey
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    Hi Gail,
    I get mine done regularly at my primary phy. and if it is taken in the morning, I can call for the results the next afternoon. It's all depending on the lab and how quickly they work. Just remember, even if it is high, first they retest to make sure it was not a bad test, so don't get upset if that happens. Also, CEA is not always a good marker for all. Good Luck!!
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    I live in a small town and mine has to be sent to Anchorage to be read at the hospital there, nonetheless, I get mine the next day or at the latest 2 days later.
    Just call your doctor and they (the nurse) can look it up on the computer and tell you.
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    It depends on the lab and how busy the doc is sometimes. I have received DH results within 14 hours and other times waited almost a week. Our desperation is not usually a concern for them. Hang in there. You should hear soon,if not call them in case they forgot.