Ovary and liver recurrence

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I have been a regular visitor of this forum, albeit as a visitor, since my mum who's 56 was diagnosed in Feb 2007. She had widespread recurrence in Jan and I have been so disheartened since... I could really o with some words of advice/positive stories from people in similar positions. Briefly speaking her Hx is as follows:

- Diagnosed with right sided colon cancer Feb 07.
- Mets seen in omentum and removed.
- Subsequent PET/CT scan revealed 3 mets in liver (both lobes)
- 2 cycles of XELOX were given but due to bad reaction, she was commenced on FOLFIRI.
- 2 more cycles later, PET/CT scan was clear!
- Further PET/CT scan after 10 cycles was clear still (October 2007)
- After abdo pain in December 2007, latest scan in Jan 2008 showed 3 mets in liver (one lobe) and mets in a MASSIVE 15cm ovary. Granted not all was cancerous - it's still crazy stuff!
- she's had FOLFIRI again (3 cycles) but this time with erbitux.
- Unlike last time, the PET/CT scan still shows cancer in the liver with only slight shrinkage. The ovary is much improved.

She has been told that she'll need 5 more cycles of chemo. Surgery will be looked into but our onc says it may not be possible. I really want it to happen - especially to the ovary - along with RFA to the liver.

I know that some shrinkage is good news and that there are still more treatments to be given but it was the manner with which the onc told us that confused us. He's normally so positive and wonderful, and is the UK's leading bowel cancer oncologist - but I have a sneaky feeling that there is more he is not telling us. I could really use some positive stories. I'm only 23, my mum is 56 and lately she seems to be resigned to defeat. She's not sad but distant. I really need her still and being the eldest/ a guy and a medical student I have to remain strong. But I am dying inside. I couldn't give a monkey's about some patient's fungal foot infection when I see my mum fatigued by the chemo!

Has anyone been in a similar boat - any advice is welcome - please! I normally like to use my faith to comfort me but lately, that seems to be leaving me too - I don't feel the connection with God anymore.

Best of luck to you all in your own conquests!

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    I just want to say that I'm so sorry about your mother and hope it all turns out much more positively than you're thinking at this point. Please don't get discouraged with your medical studies during this time. The world needs more good doctors. Let us know what you find out.

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    Personally I'd rather know all of the news upfront good or bad and then I can have a better idea about what to next. Ask your mother's onc more questions. He is working for you remember and since he has answers that you don't ask him. I hate that you and your mom are having to go through all of this. Write down your questions and check them off after they are answered to your satisfaction. Good luck!
    Jo Ann
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    I wish I could give you a hug you sound like a wonderful care giver. Tell her to be strong and that there are a lot of people who beat this disease and tell you she can do it. Lots of luck to you.
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    Hi Sam, sorry to hear about your mother. The fact, though, that her scan is showing a response to the chemo is great. If she can keep it up it seems like it would be possible for her to have further surgery. Ask her oncologist, and perhaps the surgeon, about that. If he/she says no then find out why that is said.
    Your mother is very lucky to have such a devoted and diligent caregiver as you.