MD Anderson patients out there?

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My husband's aunt was just diagnosed with esophageal cancer involving her trachea and voicebox (one in the same or seperate?) and is set for surgery at MD Anderson. She is a very visual person and would feel much better if she could see photos of the hospital itself for starters. We went to the MD Anderson website but there doesn't seem to be anything other than a short etour which wasn't helpful at all. We don't know the surgeon's name yet but will get more info on that on Monday. For now a few pictures or a note from someone who has been there describing it would be a huge help. Our prayers are with all of you and thank you in advance for your help. May we all be well.


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    I'm not a patient at MD Anderson,and I dont have your type of cancer colon cancer here,MD Anderson is a beautiful place the people are very nice and caring it is a big place and you are going down to the medical center in houston you have 9 different hospitals there give yourselfs time otherwise you will stress seing all these hospitals and not shure were to turn of,good luck to your aunt.God Bless you
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    I am sure you already know what it is like at this point
    but I have pictures I would link you to. We are MD Anderson patients.