What is NED?

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I'm new to the support group. What does NED mean?
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    NED means "no evidence of disease". I puzzled over this one at first also. One can be NED for a long time or a little time depending on cirumstances. I was for about three months and then a couple of new little tumors started up in my liver. NED is a wonderful place to be no matter how long it lasts. dx Stage IV, mets to liver 6/06.
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    NED No Evidence of Diease can be misleading but it still feels good. What it means is the tests they have to detect cancer shows no cancer. Unfortunately, cancer can in its development be undetectible i.e. microscopic or just to few cells to detect initially. This is why NED may last a few weeks or even a lifetime. When I first came here as a newbie I was schooled by a vet when I asked about the chances of a cure. I was informed there isn't such a thing as a cure rather its called remission. You now no ones ever accused me of being an optimist but I prefer CURE as the final step. NED starts you down the path.
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    Indeed, if you are NED for 5 years then you are considered CURED!
    -Susan H.