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Hi ladies(and gentlemen)! Thank you so much for all of your kind words of encouragement and support. I so appreciate it. I talk about my web support group often.

I did get positive news on Wednesday. My CA 125 was 9.1 - up from the low of 6.9 but when I complained that it had risen my doctor said come on, it's probably lower then mine and I don't have cancer. So I'll quit complaining. I am NOT having a CT scan though because my doctor is under the belief that things don't show up on scans until at least 1-2 months after your number starts going up and she doesn't like "chasing" diseases or problems that may not really be there. I've trusted her this far so I'm going to keep on believing. I feel fairly confident though because I try to research stuff a lot and keep up to date about what's going on. My mammogram went well also and I had my blood drawn for the genetic testing we are doing to see if I am positive for the BRCA gene. So that's just a wait and see thing - should know something in about 2 weeks or so.

Nancy707 and I have discovered that our oncologists are friends!!! She doctors in Los Angeles and I doctor in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Small world, huh?

Again, thank you for the never ending support you give to me and to each other. I love reading the questions and your responses. What a great group of women.

Take good care. Hugs to all.



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    Hi Kris!
    That's wonderful news. And that's a very small increase. You're still in a great range. I'm glad you like your doctor and trust her. That's so important. And how great that you share your doctor with a discussion board friend! Small world is right!

    Let us know when you get your genetic test results. Take care and breath easy!

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    Great news!!!! That number is low,and anything, as you well know could cause a slight increase in the number. When I was having my 1st recurrence my numbers tripled. My Onc also doesn't do alot of CT scans,unless I'm having pain and my numbers are increasing...and even then he likes to keep me off chemo as long as possible. Maybe that's why I'm able to fight this disease so well...I get my stength back before starting another chemo.Have a great time and enjoy dancing with NED,but don't get to close as I'm gonna but in soon myself to dance with him for awhile!!!! Rainbows and (((hugz)))~~~Joanne
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    That is wonderful news, and now you can take a breath. I am so happy for you and your number is awesome. I remember I freaked out a little when my CA125 had risen from my all time low after chemo treatment but as I was told it will fluctuate a little bit and now for about 1 year or so it has been at the same number so that must be my normal number.
    Take Care and Keep us updated.

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