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I posted the following message on the lung cancer board and just thought I would post here also hoping some of you can maybe answer some of my questions (the lung board doesn't seem to be as active). You all remain in my prayers daily.
God Bless,

am usually on the colorectal board because my husband had crc in Oct. 03. Today he is cancer free, thank GOD. I hope it is okay to come over here because I have a few questions I hope some of you can help me with.

I had a CT Scan Monday to check for some problems with my left rib cage caused by an accident in Dec. 06. I got the report to day and it says pertaining to the lungs (44 years old, I do smoke and have a deformed left rib cage for the Dec 06 accident):

“A few nodular densities, which are not definitely calcified, the largest measuring roughly 6 mm in the lateral aspect of the left lower lobe, partially calcified 4 mm nodular density lateral aspect of the right lower lobe and a non calcified 3 mm nodular density anterior aspect of the right middle lobe. Recommend correlation with chest x-ray findings if these are visible on chest x-ray. Recommend continued follow up with chest x-ray to document continued stability over a two year period. If not visible on the chest x-ray, consider follow-up chest CT in six month.”

My questions are this:

Does this sound like it is in both lungs or just one?

Is it better for the nodule to be calcified or non calcified?

Is it good news or bad if the nodules do not show up on a regular x-ray?

Does this def mean cancer?

The report also stated:

Atherosclerotic vascular disease of the thoracic aorta?

Anyone know what that is?

Thanks for any and all help.

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    I might only give my interpretation to a few of these:
    Sounds like both lungs (left lower lobe, and right lower lobe)

    calcified does NOT sound like cancer.

    That's about it other than suggesting you may want to think about quitting smoking.
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    Hi Kaye,

    Of course, you can post here. My CT scans always report similar findings which have been followed by CT scans for over three years. The largest non classified node was biopsied and found to be a hamartoma, which is something benign. It is my understanding that many of us have "stuff" in our lungs which can be non cancerous. If the nodules remain the same for two years, they are believed to be benign.

    I think the atherosclerotic vascular disease means they saw plaque in your artery.

    Please know that I'm no expert.....just someone who thouroughly reviews my scans.

    It sounds like the radiologist recommends follow up with chest X-rays to monitor the non calcified nodes.

    Try not to worry and ask your doctor any questions you have.


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    Thanks to all of you that replied. I’m already working on that smoking thing. Only had 3 today. That’s great for me. I’m going to see the Doc next week about getting some help in that department. I know I can’t do it on my own right now.
    Needless to say, I’m trying not to over worry about the nodules until I can see my family doctor next week. Worrying for the next 6 months will just drive me crazy. I actually got the results thru my hernia doctor. He ordered the CT Scan looking for a hernia in my left rib cage. I was in a bad head on auto accident in Dec 06 and have had costochondritis since, with major swelling in the left rib cage and the CT Scan did show it had been either broke or fractured in the wreck. (I am having surgery Wed. for a groin hernia.)
    The CT Scan also showed emphysema. So please, anyone that still smokes, put them down. And please keep me in your prayers for good test results and the will power to stop smoking myself. At least my EKG and blood work came back normal. Again, thanks to all of you. You will be in my prayers as always.
    God bless,