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Ok I need prayers and good thoughts. Recap dx last year with stage III with 2 nodes. I had a resection and 6 months of chemo. I made it and now I had my second CT scan feeling good and ready to enjoy this summer and slam I get the news that they see something on my ovaries. My onc says it will be ok. We'll wait and see if it disperse. He sets me up with the gyn at the cancer center. Well she has me wondering if I have to deal with this beast again. It has been only a year. It can't come back this soon. Well my positive attitude has just walked out the door and I feel like curling up in a ball and cry. It could only be a cyst or it can be a tumor. I hoping for a cyst. Of course I'm thinking the worst. Well I guess I just going have to wait. She took a biopsy and blood for a tumor marker ( which I didn't know there were two different tumor markers). So now the wait if the tumor maker comes back fine then we wait 4 weeks for a sonagram. I guess the waiting is the worst part of it. You would think I would be use to it by now but I don't think we ever get use to it. We are going to FL in 2 weeks so I hope I'll get some answers before that. Thanks for letting me vent. My husband just tells me not to worry until we know more.



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    Your husbands right (we usually are) it could be a common fiberous tumor that woman often get that are not cancerous and may only show up when filled with fluid. Generally not removed unless they grow too large and cause pain or dependent on their location and what the tumor may be doing. best of luck
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    I too was stage 3 with 2 nodes and 6 months of chemo and radiation. I now have an ovarian cyst. Did they do a pelvic untrasound? It can usually see if it is cyst or not. Mine is a cyst - or so they tell me- and they expect it to go away. Cysts usualy have fluid in them. Are you being treated at a major medical center? Hopefully it will be fine, ovarian cysts occur all the time. My ovarian cyst showed up on a ct scan right after I finished treatment. I had a resection also. I don't understand the sonogram and the four weeks. Get your positive attitude back, hopefully it will be fine. Or get another opinion. My oncologist is not concerned about mine at all, I don't know what would make yours different.
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    So they saw something on my ovary also. I went to the gyn and he gave me a transvaginal ultrasound (oh joy). He found cysts. He recommended I have another transvaginal ultra sound by the radiologist. I was a good thing I did because the equipment that the radiologist have is much, much better than the gyn office.

    The bad news for me was: They did see something not right. They only way to tell was to take out the ovary, which they did. I had two peanut sized tumors inside my ovary.

    The good news for me was: I don't need that cotton pickin' ovary anymore. They took it out and I don't even need hormone replacement because the left ovary puts out all the right hormones for both. But I lean to the right when I walk. (Ok, just kidding.)

    I am in no way suggesting you have a probably have a cyst. I don't know why you need to wait 4 weeks to know though. They could schedule you with radiologists this week for that transvaginal.

    You have my prayers regardless Michelle.

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    It is easier said than done but try not to think about it or if you do, think how it will be better. I know how you feel, I'm waiting on results too
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    Hi Michelle,

    Sorry to hear that you need to be stressed out by not having any answers. If it is any consolation, you should read my posts from this week and last. My mom was stage III in January 2003, with four nodes positive. She had a local recurrence only four months after her first operation. At her five year follow up appointment last Tuesday, the oncologist said that there was a suspicious 4cm object in her pelvis. We all prepared for the worst and thought, this is it.. However, it turns out it was just an ovarian cyst. The radiologist told my mom that most people are walking around with all sorts of cysts that go unnoticed, but because of my moms history they need to be diligent.

    The incidence of cysts is the ovary is very very high -- I know it is hard, but try to keep a positive outlook. (easier said than done, we all spent an entire week crying)

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    Hi Michelle,

    I hope all of the previous posts are giving you some comfort and hope that the CT saw a simple cyst in your ovary. BELIEVE it and grab your positive energy and put it right beside you again!!!

    Enjoy your time in Florida.


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    I don't know anything about this except the waiting. We all understand how you're feeling. Ask why you have to wait so long and see if you can knock enough times for them to open that door.
    Jo Ann
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    sending good thoughts and prayers your way. Waiting is always so hard. Your in my prayers Keep the faith.